Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral (KJCC) was created to provide traditional training of one of the world’s most popular sports to children and adults of Southwest Florida. Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral is currently the only Judo school in Lee County and the 5th largest USJA school in the country.

The goal of KJCC is to train average people as Olympic level competitors

March 14th, 2020 - The 10th Annual Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships

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KODOKAN JUDO took six competitors to the 2013 USA JUDO Youth and Scholastic National Championships this weekend in Miami, Fl and five out of six take home the Gold!  Four out of six were undefeated in their divisions winning all of their matches.  Erica Paccione won all her matches by ippon!  The four undefeated champs are: Zackary Nyce, Melissa Herrera, Christina and Erica Paccione.  Jacob More fought seven times, winning six out of seven with exceptional newaza technique also taking the Gold! Dylan More won a match with seventeen in his division, he marginally lost his next two.  The athletes will continue to train to compete in local, national and international events.



Kodokan represents Florida @ the USJA/JF Junior Nationals

Kodokan Judo represented Florida by competiting in the 7th Annual USJA/JF Winter Nationals in California on December 1st and 2nd.  13 students competed and managed to take home the glory of placing 5th as a team out of 86 dojos.

Gold medalists:  Jacob More x2, Erica Paccione, Christina Paccione, John Harwood, Bob Gleason and Eddie Ahlquist

Silver medalists:  Kyle Camara, Zackary Nyce, Alex Sacramento, Erica Paccione, and Christina Paccione

Bronze medalists:  Carlos Camara Jr. and Alex Sacramento

Participation: Dylan More, Carlos Camara and Mark Tamulionis

Kodokan takes the Team Trophy and 17 medals

Kodokan Judo brought 13 competitors to competed in the Dragon's Challenge Judo Tournament in Delray Beach on August 25th.

The team walked away with the FIRST PLACE TEAM TROPHY!

8 students took home the Gold:  Zen Despagni, Melissa Hererra (first tournament), Paul Keith, Zackary Nyce, Mackenzie More, Erica Paccione, Anthony Setzer, and Jack Tellin.

5 students took home the Silver: Corey Bernaquer x2, Leah Getts (first tournament), Christina Paccione, Anthony Setzer, and Jack Tellin.

3 students too home the Bronze:  Edward Ahlquist, Jacob More and Jack Tellin.

Congratulations Kodokan Judo!!!!!!


KODOKAN JUDO medals at the U.S. Open

Kodokan Judo competes in the 2012 Junior U.S. Open in Fort Lauderdale with over 20 countries and 650 athletes and 190 Golden Score athletes taking home six medals. Corey Bernaquer scored the highest medal for KJCC winning Silver. Jacob More scored Bronze with the best overall nage-waza (throwing technique) winning four and only losing one match. Joseph Russo scored a Bronze fighting great and had one of the best newaza (ground) techniques of the tournament. Christina Paccione scored a Bronze and threw two of her opponents for a full ippon (full point, which is the highest score) while her sister Erica Paccione also scores an ippon and also takes Bronze. Anthony Setzer took third in the Golden Score division. Also participating were: Mackenzie More, Rian Russo, Alex Sacramento, Carlos Camara Jr., Kyle Camara, Jordan Bernaquer and Marcos Johnson.



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