2013 USJA/JF Junior National Winners

Sensei John and Jennifer Paccione led a KODOKAN TEAM of four to the 2013 USJA/USJF Junior Nationals in Pittsburgh. There were over 500 competitors and five former Olympians, including Pat Burris, Jason Morris, Kevin Asano, Lynn Roethke and Celita Schutz. 

KODOKAN JUDO OF CAPE CORAL walked away with 3 GOLD and 1 SILVER.

GOLD medal recipients: MELISSA Herrera, ERICA Paccione and CHRISTINA Paccione.

SILVER medalist: ALEX Sacramento.





KODOKAN medals at Junior Olympics

KODOKAN JUDO travelled to Texas representing SW Florida at the 2013 USA JUNIOR OLYMPICS with three female athletes, Melissa Herrera, age 10, Christina Paccione, age 11 and Erica Paccione, age 12.  Sensei Paccione also coached Raffy Marascio age 10, former student who moved to New Jersey and Jason Rodriguez from Real Judo of Naples.

Day 1:  National Tournament - ERICA Paccione and CHRISTINA Paccione take GOLD in UNDEFEATED matches.  RAFFY Marascio takes BRONZE. 

Day 2:  National Tournament -  MELISSA Herrera takes SILVER!

Day 3:  International Tournament - CHRISTINA Paccione takes GOLD, ERICA Paccione and MELISSA Herrera take SILVER and RAFFY Marascio takes BRONZE. 




Kodokan Judo takes First Place Team Trophy


8 Competitors, 11 medals and First Place Team Trophy recipeints at the Rattler Roundup in Delray Beach

Gold:  Dominick Meady, Anthony Meady, Anthony Setzer, Erica Paccione, Charis Garica and Chaylen Garcia

Silver:  Zackary Nyce x2, Anthony Setzer and Christina Paccione

Bronze:  Anthony Meady

Sunshine State Game Champ

Three athletes from Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral competed in the Sunshine State Games in Lakeland, Florida.

Zackary Nyce placed first in his division taking home the Gold and the title of State Champ.

Charis Garcia and Mark Tamulionis fought hard but did not place.



Kodokan Judoka take home medals and team trophy

10 Judoka from Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral competed in the Florida State Yudanshakai State Judo tournament in Pembroke Pines, Florida this past weekend, taking home 11 medals.  Five of the seven first place recipients were undefeated*.  Kodokan ranked number three in points out of 15 other dojos and took home 3rd place team trophy.

First place recipients:  Guilio Diracca, Charis Garcia*, Melissa Herrera*, Anthony Meady*, Christina Paccione*, Erica Paccione* and Alex Sacramento

Second place recipients:  Zackary Nyce and Jordy Barrera x2

Third place recipient:  Dominick Meady


TEAM KODOKAN representing Cape Coral!