Kodokan medals at the Imperial Dragon Judo Open

Kodokan Judo attended the Imperial Dragon Judo Open in Lakeland Florida taking home 8 medals. 

First Place:  Erica Paccione x2, Christina Paccione and Bryan Acosta

Second Place:  Paul Keith, Mark Tamulionis and Giulio Diracca

Third Place:  Alex Sacramento


Kodokan Kickboxers get SAVAGE

Kodokan Kickboxers got down and dirty at the Savage Race, a mud run in Dade City.  Nine women from the ages of 20 - 40 went through a 6 mile course with 25 obstacles and had the time of their lives.  They overcame fears, left their comfort zone and did things they never thought possible while playing in the mud. Congratulations Team Kodokan!!! 





Save the Date: Judo Tournament in Cape Coral

SAVE THE DATE:   The 3rd Annual Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships will be held on March 2, 2013 at Oasis High School in Cape Coral.  We are expecting over 200 competitors and already have confirmation from the following states:  California, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and of course Florida.  For more information contact Sensei John Paccione @ sijudo1@aol.com

Kodokan Judo take 32 medals in Orlando

Kodokan Judo took 24 students to the Orlando Judo Tournament this past weekend and took home 32 medals! Go Kodokan!

19 Take 1st Place:

Zackary Nyce, Keegan Russo, Zen Despagni x2, Jacob More x2, Nicholas Rodriquez, Dominic Rodriquez, Bryan Acosta, Christina Paccione, Erica Paccione x2, Brooke Pierson, Melissa Herrera, Kaitlin Weigelt, Corey Bernaquer x2, Marcos Johnson, Kyle Camara

8 Take 2nd:

Caleb Russo, Corey Bernaquer, Rian Russo, Brooke Pierson, Mackenzie More, Leah Getts x2, Eddie Alhquist

5 Take 3rd:

Andy Koestra, Marcos Johnson, Kyle Camara, Joe Russo, Keegan Weigelt


Carlos Camara Jr.



Kodokan takes the Team Trophy and 17 medals

Kodokan Judo brought 13 competitors to competed in the Dragon's Challenge Judo Tournament in Delray Beach on August 25th.

The team walked away with the FIRST PLACE TEAM TROPHY!

8 students took home the Gold:  Zen Despagni, Melissa Hererra (first tournament), Paul Keith, Zackary Nyce, Mackenzie More, Erica Paccione, Anthony Setzer, and Jack Tellin.

5 students took home the Silver: Corey Bernaquer x2, Leah Getts (first tournament), Christina Paccione, Anthony Setzer, and Jack Tellin.

3 students too home the Bronze:  Edward Ahlquist, Jacob More and Jack Tellin.

Congratulations Kodokan Judo!!!!!!