Cape Coral Judo Tournament - March 2, 2013

Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral will host the 3rd Annual Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships on March 2, 2013 at Oasis High School in Cape Coral.  There will also be a Newaza (Grappling) Division. 

Events prior to tournament:

Thursday, Feb 28 - JUDO CLINIC with Sensei YoichiorMatsumura, 8th Dan.  Time:  6 pm for Juniors, 7:30 pm for Seniors.  Venue: Kodokan Judo, 532 SE 47th Terrace, Cape Coral.

Friday, Mar 1 - REFEREE CLINIC with Mindy Beuhmann, PJC Referee.  Time: 6 pm.  Venue: Kodokan Judo.  Practical on March 2nd at Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships.

Events after tournament:

Sunday, Mar 3 - JUDO CLINIC with Shinjiro Sasaki, All-Japan Champion.  Time: 10 am for Juniors, 12 pm for Seniors.  Venue: Kodokan Judo.