Shinjiro Sasaki visits our dojo for clinic

On August 27 over 50 Judoka came to Cape Coral's Kodokan Judo dojo to attend a competitive techniques clinic instructed by 3x Japan Champion, Shinjiro Sasaki.  Sasaki gave instruction on establishing grip and breaking away from a competitor's hold  He also gave instruction on different points of attack.  The students who attended the clinic were amazed at the "lighting-fast" ability of Sasaki when he executed throwing technique. 

Many of the Judoka who attended the clinic have witnessed Sasak's ability first hand.  Sasaki competes in tournament all over Florida and it's normally 5-10 seconds when he achieves victory.  In the last tournament, to much amazement, one of Sasaki's competitors made it into newaza (ground technique) where we were able to see another aspect of Sasaki's great ability on the ground where he choked his opponent out within seconds.

This is Kodokan Judo's continual effort of bringing the highest level of competitors and instructors to it's dojo.