Kodokan Judo Tournament Victories

Another successful day at Judo competition.  Kodokan Judo went to Lakeland, Florida with 22 students to compete in the Imperial Dragon's Judo Challenge coached by Sensei John Paccione.  Mixing seasoned and first-time competitors*, they walked away with 8 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.  Each student gave it 100% and Kodokan Judo is proud to have such dedicated Judoka.

Taking Gold:  Ryan Burns, Mackenzie More, Christina Paccione, Sloan Pinto, Caleb Russo, Rian Russo and Erica Paccione took 1st in two divisions.

Taking Silver:  Randy Gil, Anthony Setzer*, Kaitlin Weigelt and Sebastian Yamamoto

Taking Bronze:  Joseph Russo, Mark Tamulionis and Keegan Weigelt

Participation:  Kyle Camara*, Marcos Johnson*, GenCarlo Montane, Joe More, Alex Sacramento, Keegan Russo*, Jack Tellin* and Drew Weigelt