Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral attended the Team Championship Judo Tournament in Delray this past weekend taking home the 2nd Place TEAM trophy and $300!  CONGRATULATIONS to ALL!!!


1st Place Victories: Erica Paccione, Christina Paccione, Mackenzie More in 2 divisions, Caleb Russo, Gencarlo Montane, Joseph Russo, and Rian Russo in 2 divisions.


2nd Place Victories: Joe More, Kaitlin Weigelt, Keegan Russo, Randey Gil, Gencarlo Montane, Solon Pinto, Alex Sacramento in 2 divisions, Edward Allquist*, Jesus Lynch*, Anthony Setzer*, Jordan Bernaquer, and Dylan More.


3rd Place Victories: Jack Tellin, Kyle Camara, Paul Keith*, and Jeff Myers*.


Participation: Marcos Johnson, Keegan Weigelt, Carlos Camara*, Corey Bernaquer, Mario DelMazour*, Taylor Newbury*, Markian Hromiak* and Drew Weigelt.  *notes 1st time tournament experience.