KJCC attends the 2011 USJA/USJF Winter Nationals

Ten Judoka from Kodokan Judo traveled to California to compete in the 2011 USJA/USJF Winter Nationals hosted by Goltz Judo.

The trip was made possible by donations received by the Athletes Fund and The Kodokan Judo Booster Club. So we extend a HUGE thank you to all those that supported and continue to support our dojo.

Taking first place scoring a full point for each of his 4 matches was Rian Russo (10 year old Orange Belt). Also taking first in two divisions was Christina Paccione (9 year old Green Belt). She fought 7 matches only losing 1 and also fought up one division. Mackenzie More (13 year old Green Belt) took home the Gold in the Senior division winning all of her matches. She also fought in the Junior division taking 2nd Place.

Bob Gleason, a 59 year old black-belt came out of competitive retirement which lasted about 37 years and took 2nd place. Also taking 2nd was Dylan More (16 year old Green Belt) who had some tough matches. Erica Paccione fought in two divisions taking home the Silver and the Bronze and fought up one age/weight division. Alex Sacramento (10 year old orange belt) fought in a 9 man division with Joseph Russo (9 year old orange belt). Alex took the bronze and Joe came in 4th.

Mark Tamulionis and Rodolfo Sosa fought in a 13 man division in the Brown and Black belt senior category.

The team was excited and not only did they compete and medal, they received the club ranking of #13 out of 73 dojos, they also attended a clinic and were welcomed to a dojo workout at Goltz Judo where Rian Russo received his Green Belt and Mackenzie More received her Blue Belt. After all the hard work, the students were able to enjoy the sites in California. A trip to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway afforded two of our students to see snow for the first time! Hollywood Bouleveard was also a treat.

The Judoka are looking forward to their next competition in February for the Florida Open and then Kodokan Judo will host the 2nd Annual Yoichiro Matsumura Judo Championships in Cape Coral at Oasis High School.

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