Florida Open Champions & 2nd Place Team Trophy Recipient

On February 4, 2012 Kodokan Judo sent 23 competitors to The Florida Open Judo Championships, which is a class "E" Point Tournament.  The tournament was held at the Coral Springs Gymnasium in Coral Springs, FL.

Kodokan Judo proudly took home the 2nd Place Team Trophy.  Many of the judoka fought in multiple divisions.  Christina Paccione, age 9, was undefeated placing first in two divisions.  Gencarlo Montane, age 9, and Kaitlin Weigelt, age 11 also placed first in their two divisions.

Dylan More, age 17, fought in three IJF divisions, placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Dylan chocked one of his opponents until he was unconscious and went toe to toe with several national competitors.

* notes 1st tournament experience; x2 means the competitor fought and placed in 2 divisions

Gold Medal Winners:

 Jordan Bernaquer, Kyle Camara, Randy Gil, GenCarlo Montane x2, Dylan More, Jacob More, Christina Paccione x2, Avery Piatt*, Kaitlin Weigelt x2 

Silver Medal Winners:

 Jordan Bernaquer, Marcos Johnson, Dylan More, Mackenzie More x2, Gavin Perry*, Addison Piatt*, Solon Pinto, Jack Tellin, Keegan Weigelt

Bronze Medal Winners:

 Corey Bernaquer, Carlos Camara, Kyle Camara, Marcos Johnson, Dylan More, Jacob More, Mackenzie More, Erica Paccione, Joseph Russo, Rian Russo x2, Rodolfo Sosa


 Alex Sacramento & Mark Tamulionis