Kodokan Judo take 21 medals and the 2nd place team trophy!

KODOKAN JUDO competed in the FJA STATE JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS on March 31, 2012 in Delray Beach, FL taking home 21 medals and the 2nd Place Team Trophy!

1st Place Recipients:  Bryan Acosta, Joseph Russo, Rian Russo, Paul Keith, Christina Paccione, Mackenzie More

2nd Place Recipients:  Mark Tamulionis, Dylan More, Zackary Nyce x2, Solon Pinto, Jack Tellin, Jacob More, Edward Ahlquist, Anthony Setzer, Kaitlin Weigelt

3rd Place Recipients:  Mark Tamulionis, Kathryn Hwang, Erica Paccione, Kaitlin Weigelt, Mackenzie More