KODOKAN JUDO medals at the U.S. Open

Kodokan Judo competes in the 2012 Junior U.S. Open in Fort Lauderdale with over 20 countries and 650 athletes and 190 Golden Score athletes taking home six medals. Corey Bernaquer scored the highest medal for KJCC winning Silver. Jacob More scored Bronze with the best overall nage-waza (throwing technique) winning four and only losing one match. Joseph Russo scored a Bronze fighting great and had one of the best newaza (ground) techniques of the tournament. Christina Paccione scored a Bronze and threw two of her opponents for a full ippon (full point, which is the highest score) while her sister Erica Paccione also scores an ippon and also takes Bronze. Anthony Setzer took third in the Golden Score division. Also participating were: Mackenzie More, Rian Russo, Alex Sacramento, Carlos Camara Jr., Kyle Camara, Jordan Bernaquer and Marcos Johnson.