Kodokan takes the Team Trophy and 17 medals

Kodokan Judo brought 13 competitors to competed in the Dragon's Challenge Judo Tournament in Delray Beach on August 25th.

The team walked away with the FIRST PLACE TEAM TROPHY!

8 students took home the Gold:  Zen Despagni, Melissa Hererra (first tournament), Paul Keith, Zackary Nyce, Mackenzie More, Erica Paccione, Anthony Setzer, and Jack Tellin.

5 students took home the Silver: Corey Bernaquer x2, Leah Getts (first tournament), Christina Paccione, Anthony Setzer, and Jack Tellin.

3 students too home the Bronze:  Edward Ahlquist, Jacob More and Jack Tellin.

Congratulations Kodokan Judo!!!!!!