Local dojos support athletes to fight abroad

Local dojos came together for an Invitational Judo Tournament hosted by Kodokan Judo of Cape Coral to help support two judo athletes, Erica and Christina Paccione, to compete abroad.

Saturday, September 7th, Sasaki-Judo ATT from Tampa, Real Judo of Naples, and Iron Fighter Judo from Miami had students competing and supporting the local fundraiser with an opportunity to leave with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place trophy.

EA Bicycles of Bonita donated a Jamis Youth bicycle valued at $350.  The Holiday Inn and the Marriott Hotels both donated a two-night stay at their Town Center locations for a STAY-CATION.  Ceno donated three gift certificates to their restaurant located on Cape Coral Parkway.   Raffle tickets were sold and gifts were collected raising over $800 for the trip.   Parents of the judo students donated food and drinks which brought in an additional $233. 

We are thankful to our community for supporting this event for our athletes. 

Erica and Christina have trained hard throughout the year and have earned a spot on the Junior National Judo Team.   They will be competing in Harnes, France in December representing the U.S.A.

If you missed the event and wish to donate towards the athletes, please go to the following website:  www.GoFundMe.com/3lhrno

Kodokan Judo Tournament Results:

Taking 1st place trophies:  Carlos Camara, Zen Despagni x2, Andrew Eaton, Charis Garcia, Chaylen Garcia, Melissa Herrera, Kenneth (KJ) Miller, Zackary Nyce x2, Erica Paccione x2, Brandon Person, Alex Sacramento, Anthony Setzer x2

Taking 2nd place trophies:  Eddie Ahlquist, Carlos Camara x2, Charis Garcia, Anthony Meady, Dominick Meady, Jaiden Myer, Kiana Myer, Zackary Nyce, Christina Paccione x2, Tim Person, Ivan Perez, Brandon Person, Emily Yi

Taking 3rd place trophies:  Eddie Ahlquist, Kyle Camare, Nico Demalhaes, Chance Henson, Tim Person, Brooke Pierson, Roxy Viernes

Congrats to all and thank you to everyone for your support!