Sensei Jennifer Paccione

Sensei Jennifer Paccione began her martial arts career in 1996 training in Karate at Tiger Schulmann's under Sensei John Delaney where she achieved a red belt which is equivalent to nikyu brown belt in Judo.  Sensei Jennifer met Sensei John Paccione in 1998 and was invited to train at Staten Island Judo. After working out in several Judo and Jujitsu classes she realized that Judo was more practical as a form of self defense and began serious training by attending weekly classes, inter-dojo training at Cranford Judo, tournaments and clinics given by Sensei Yoichiro Matsumura and other highly competitive Judoka throughout the year.  After having two children, she remained dedicated and continued to teach Cardio Kickboxing for women who did not want to endure the heavy training workouts in Judo or Jujitsu. In 2006 Sensei Jennifer was graded and promoted to Shodan and then was promoted in 2010 to Nidan.  She continues to train and coach children in Judo, women in Cardio Kickboxing and proudly gives her support to her children and husband in the ventures of their family business.


Certified Second Degree Black belt in Judo
Certified Regional Coach
Certified Technical
Certified Nage No Kata Instructor